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At Clutter Keeper®, it’s our mission to help you get organized and stay organized through premium, innovative products including our Deluxe Hanging Organizers on Amazon as well as our digital e-books, and other resources available for instant download.

Courses, Programs and Tools

Clutter Keeper Fresh Start System

Achieve an organized home in just four weeks without having to do it alone.

This program is open just a few times a year and includes instructor-led video lessons, action-oriented workbooks, guided assignments and accountability.

Starting at $97.00

Enrollment in this life-changing program is only open to the public a few times a year.

Clutter Keeper Kickstart


Join us for 5 days of quick, powerful lessons designed to help you easily declutter and keep your home sparkling.

This home decluttering program that will help you go from disorganized mess to neat and tidy success.

Starting at $59.00

The program will reopen for enrollment soon!

The Clutter Keeper 30 Day Conquer Your Clutter Home Organization Plan

Follow this self-paced home organization plan to tackle the clutter in your home.

With daily tasks and tips, this program is great for a self-starter who just needs a plan of action. Enrollment is open to anyone at any time.


Clutter Keeper Essential Home Organization Toolkit

The ultimate bundle of digital tools and resources to help you get your home and life organized once and for all. The toolkit includes a quick start guide, printables binder with 35+ worksheets and checklists, plus labels for kitchens and bathrooms.


Digital Resources

Closet Organization Products

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Clutter Keeper® Deluxe Hanging Gift Wrap Storage Organizer

Deluxe Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer

Conquer the clutter in your closet or under your bed caused by all your gift wrapping supplies. The Clutter Keeper® Deluxe Hanging Gift Wrap Storage Organizer is a high quality product designed to hang vertically from a standard closet rod or on a door hook so that you have everything you need to wrap presents quickly and easily.

Clutter Keeper® Deluxe Hanging Gift Bag Storage Organizer

Deluxe Hanging Wrapping Paper & Bag Organizer

Maximize your storage for gift wrapping supplies with the Clutter Keeper® Deluxe Hanging Wrapping Paper and Gift Bag Storage Organizer. This two sided hanging organizer has 4 large clear pockets to store all of your wrapping paper rolls, gift bags and tissue paper to help you stay organized.

Clutter Keeper Deluxe 15 Pocket Hanging Storage Organizer for Closet Organizing of Underwear, Bras, Socks and More

Deluxe 15 Pocket Hanging Storage Organizer

Tired of having to hunt through your dresser drawers to find your favorite underwear or socks?

Speed up your morning routine with the Clutter Keeper® Deluxe 15 Pocket Hanging Storage Organizer for organizing underwear, bras, socks and more.

Clutter Keeper® Deluxe 44 Pocket Hanging Storage Organizer for Craft Supply Closet Organizing and More

Deluxe 44 Pocket Hanging Storage Organizer

Stop digging through closets to find all your craft supplies! Instead, get organized with the Clutter Keeper® Deluxe 44 Pocket Hanging Storage Organizer.

You’ll have plenty of storage space for sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, painting and more!

Clutter Keeper 3 Pocket Canvas Organizer

3 Pocket Canvas Organizer

Stay on top of all the little things with the Clutter Keeper® 3 Pocket Hanging Organizer! This handy space-saving tool holds all sorts of items, from diapers, office supplies, bathroom towels and toiletries and more.