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Good Information

Good set of tools to get yourself organized.
Large binder needed.
Not something you can carry around with you.

Very Helpful

As a quilter and crafter, I always have a variety of projects on the go. I am using this collection to collate and organise my present projects, anticipated projects and the expenses they incur on an on-going basis. I also intend to ‘clean and tidy my room once a month… following the prescription. Helpful for focussing on what I love.. thank you!

Better, Faster, Functional!

Love my new clean, open, lovely house!

I have not started it yet. But I have been working on book shelves, I have 6!

Unleash Creativity

Perfect title because how can we be creative… use our craft room to its fullest unless we are organized! This title caught my eye as I pondered making the purchase

The injection of adrenaline that I need

I’ve set goals in the past, but I wasn’t accountable to anyone. Having groups like this, with the daily/weekly thoughts, clean out ideas etc gives me momentum and accountability.

It's the injection of adrenaline that I need to get off my ass and tackle even a small thing when I run out of steam or feel defeated. Thank you for allowing me to have even the tiniest "win" & feel good about it.

Exactly as expected and at a very fair price. Flexibility is awesome so you can use pages that make sense for you and your personal needs and not use pages that don’t!

Alot of good ideas to develop habits of keeping clutter at bay.

This material is definitely a Keeper. Is being very helpful as what I need to do when… as we plan for company/ thanksgiving tomorrow. Am thankful for this printout.

The idea of labeling has really helped in my craft room. .. not a closet but similar. Both my husband and I have given away a bunch of clothing . Really helped our closet space.

These are a huge help as I chose what to do each day. Keeping a “running” grocery list is a great idea, Like it.

Take Back Control gave me self confidence. Made me know I could be more organized.

4 Week Fresh Start System
Trevelyn Vockerodt
It has truly been a game changer for me and my family.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the Fresh Start System. I am so grateful that I found it and actually took the step to purchase the program and start implementing it into my life. It has truly been a game changer for me and my family.

Knowing that there was always someone cheering me on with the achievements I made, and giving sound advice, encouragement and tips, well, all I can say is it was that encouragement and support that continued to motivate me throughout this program.

Your advice and tips on how to become organized made the entire process so much easier. Before I enrolled, I felt overwhelmed at the task of organizing and didn't know where to start, but now I feel more in control with my organization in my home. I now also have a daily routine that helps me accomplish all I want to in a day.

This is great! Exactly what I need.

Our lives are so very busy these days. So, these printables help us accomplish our goals easier and faster. They are set up so we only need to insert a few words, rather than creating the whole sheet. I made 5 copies of each sheet. Then I put similiar printables together so I could locate what I wanted faster and easier. They have also given me some ideas for creating other printables where assistance is needed. They are definitely a huge blessing for me.

Her positive energy is infectious

One thing I've learned about myself is that I stall out when a job seems overwhelming. While I know I should break projects down into small pieces and build a sense of accomplishment, I can't always do it. That's where the Clutter Keeper 5 Day Kickstart came in.

I could make a relatively small commitment--about an hour a day for five days--and feel some momentum. Carrie offers clear, workable counsel, and her positive energy is infectious! If she believes I can get started, well, maybe I can! And I did!

The new ideas in this program are motivating me!

Motivation is my most frequent blessing from your guidance. I really like the new ideas I’m getting from this program.

Sometimes I allow myself to 'get stuck in my ways' but the new ideas are helping to spark my need for my home to be organized and more functional!

One tip alone that I found in this guide was worth the cost of the guide!

A comprehensive blueprint from start to finish.

I have been ‘organizationally challenged’ most of my life. Take Back Control is a comprehensive and detailed blueprint from start to finish how I can finally reach my goal. I’ve never known where to start but this book helps immensely. The separate chapters for each room in the house allows me to stay focused on the room I am addressing.

My husband said, "It kind of feels like we're at a hotel".

Before going through the Clutter Keeper Fresh Start System, I was overwhelmed with where to start. Whenever I'd attempt to get organized, I would feel annoyed that the next day things were back to being a mess.

Through this program I've learned the Clutter Keeper E.A.S.Y. strategy and how to bring my family on board. The spaces that I have completed are staying that way. My kids don't fight me on putting stuff away because it's now easier for them to put things back where they belong. We don't wait until things look like a volcano exploded anymore.

After we finally finished our closet and bedroom, my husband said, 'It kind of feels like we're at a hotel.' Our bedroom hasn't been this picked up in years. We cleaned out 3 bags of trash and took 3 bags of clothes to a local donation store.

Thank you for the Facebook group because that gives me a space to share what a disaster things were and what I've accomplished without judgement.

Inspires confidence that I can conquer my obstacles.

Carrie and Clutter Keeper have become go-to resources for organization advice--whether for time management, processes, or spaces. In the Fresh Start program, she's clear, encouraging, and has clearly lived some of the same battles.

Fresh Start and Carrie offer a solid mix of positivity, overall strategies, and practical next steps. Carrie inspires confidence that I can conquer my obstacles.

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