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2024 Monthly Calendar
Sandra Hopkins

Am very pleased with this program

Very helpful in every aspect. I've always had a difficult time getting and staying decluttered, neat and organized. I am hopeful that these tools will finally help me get there.

Very helpful in every aspect. I've always had a difficult time getting and staying decluttered, neat and organized. I am hopeful that these tools will finally help me get there.

Declutter routine

Great product!

Take Action Printables Binder for Organizing Your Home and Life

Great product

Positive Feedback

It has been a very useful tool to get my life in order.

Love it!

Very easy to use and handy to have. Makes tracking your health a lot easier!

Take Action - It's working !!

Although a bit slow on my part to really get into the "Take Action Printables Binder for Organizing your Home and Life" the more I am working with it, the more I like it and the more I am getting organized. It isn't the binder that is an issue - it is myself. The binder is making my life more bearable, and therefore, more enjoyable. I, personally, just have a number of health issues that make it slower for me to get anything done, but, as stated, as I get into it and work with the binder I am finding things in general getting easier.

2024 Monthly Calendar
Robyne Jordan
Updated Floral Design Yearly Planner

Love this planner and it's design. Easy to incorporate into other planning projects too.
never disappointed with ordering from Carrie.

On A Roll

I needed a long time ago. I had a chance to really get rid (donate) of things I wanted to keep, but really knew it was time to let go. I was amazed how helpful the toolkit is, I feel like I can handle the world with it. Thank you, so much.

Updated Floral Design Yearly Planner

Very impressed with this new planner I recently purchased from Clutter Keeper. I love the design and like other purchases, I am every pleased. I have spent a long time on decluttering, now I am in the process with help from Carrie to focus now on organising.

Helping Me- The Unorganize

I have never really hosted a Holiday event/dinner, even with family. But this Holiday Planner will help me know what to do when I get to. I'm hoping for next year. Normally I would just do things off the top of my head, not very organized. But this planner helps me see and plan what to do, especially help with budget. My goal is to do a nice Holiday Dinner someday, but my situation right now will not allow it. It's going on my vision board.

Tackle Your Closet Toolkit
Beverly Kittrell

I didn't think it was so easy to let go of things I no longer needed. I tried so many times, but always find some silly reason (lose weight, take it to the cleaners, have it hemmed) but they are in the closet. But after getting such great ideas, I just laughed while having more closet space now. Thank You!!

Budget Planner
Marilyn Biddle

It’s great!

The Declutter Your Mind Workshop

I enjoyed this class very much. I studied this before starting the other classes as was suggested. Studying this information could impact one’s mindset in preparation for the other workshops.

The Year-Round Declutter Routine

I find it very informative and easy to follow.

I have just started it but so far I love it!

Motivated to declutter, finally

The Clutter Keeper 5 Day Kickstart has helped me, with the journaling assignments, to think about, and actually write down the "why's" for my clutter, and ways to overcome them.

There were many things that I never truly thought about, when it came to making goals for decluttering.

Makes the process doable

Before joining the Fresh Start System, I felt overwhelmed. Each lesson in this course brings ideas to make the process doable while making progress. I am finding that carving out little bits of time is freeing and encouraging. My biggest change from this program is my mindset. The clutter is there, but I now have a plan to take care of it.

Knowledge and Motivation to Get Started Decluttering

Carrie is very genuine & realistic in her delivery of material and information to help get class participants motivated and started in their journey.

2023 Monthly Calendar
Peggy Larkin

Great way to keep track!

Good Information

Good set of tools to get yourself organized.
Large binder needed.
Not something you can carry around with you.

Very Helpful

As a quilter and crafter, I always have a variety of projects on the go. I am using this collection to collate and organise my present projects, anticipated projects and the expenses they incur on an on-going basis. I also intend to ‘clean and tidy my room once a month… following the prescription. Helpful for focussing on what I love.. thank you!

Better, Faster, Functional!

Love my new clean, open, lovely house!

I have not started it yet. But I have been working on book shelves, I have 6!

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